What you can do to reduce climate change – part 2

Climate change mitigation is a big task. Achieving the goals of climate change regulation requires that all the countries of our planet work together and collaborate.  Despite the fact that climate regulation is a very big endeavor, each and every one of us can contribute. This post presents several easy ways to reduce your own input into climate change.

5. Choose your energy provider carefully

As people become more and more interested in using environmentally-friendly energy sources, the energy providers have to adapt. Many of them already have options of powering up your house with renewable energy sources. Some are obviously better than others. If you search carefully, you can find energy providers that can connect you to the grid of (almost) exclusively renewable energy. Sometimes this option is more expensive than using the conventional energy sources, however, the situation is currently changing. As governments are trying to prevent further greenhouse gas emissions, energy companies have to pay higher taxes for producing energy using fossil fuels. Using renewables may even become a more financially feasible option in the nearest future. Of course, supply grows with demand. Switching to energy providers supporting renewable energy sources will contribute to climate change mitigation.

Alternatively, you can even invest in solar panels. Being quite a big investment, it can, however, pay off within the course of several years.

Solar panels

6. Try to consume less.

Every time you want to buy something – ask yourself – do I really need it? Our society is very consumer-oriented. The big corporations have made us like that, as it is profitable for them. They keep working hard to make us buy stuff we don’t need, and make us want more and more of that stuff. The best things in life cannot, however, be bought. Spend more time with your loved ones, enjoy being in nature, instead of purchasing another meaningless item you will most probably not even use. This doesn’t mean – never buy anything anymore – just ask yourself this simple question – do I really need it?

7. Check where your investments are going.

Even if you are not actively investing yourself, you are still connected with several companies that do so in your name. Therefore, it is a good idea to check where your employer, your bank or your pension fund are investing the money. Choose for environmentally friendly organizations and avoid those investing in fossil fuels. Even if such  investments may seem like a good idea at present, their value is decreasing. Environmentally friendly options are becoming more and more popular, therefore, it’s also financially wise to switch to those as soon as possible.


Even though climate change is currently a big issue, some people still don’t know about it, don’t believe it, or simply can’t relate this problem to their everyday life. Therefore, it is immensely helpful to simply talk about it to your friends, relatives and colleagues. Maybe you will open somebody’s eyes! The more people follow simple guidelines described in this blog, the more environmentally friendly our society will become. Everyone contributes, so share your opinion with those around you.